Exactly one year ago SIROKO was born: a dream come true, something crazy, but most of all, a different brand willing to show that attitude is everything. That’s why, at SIROKO,  it didn’t take long to find the perfect slogan: What you are is what you do. A phrase that truly sums up our core values: you are what you do. Not what you have. Not what you say. Not what you seem to be on Instagram! 🙂

We could say that the best part of this first year are the triumphs of our ambassadors, like those of Cristina Gutierrez (first Spanish woman to complete the Dakar 4x4), Aitor Francesena (World Champion of Adaptive Surfing), and Saul Craviotto (Olympic Gold Medalist at the Rio Olympics). We could also think that the best part of these first 365 days was having various videos from our “Stories” go viral on social media (with the contents reaching over 10 million shares). We may even believe that the best part of these twelve months was running out of several styles of our Originals, the great success of our Kids sunglasses, or the spectacular reception of our latest offerings: TECH and Clothing. However, although we are very pleased with all of this, we know that the best part of SIROKO’s first year has been feeling your support as we take this journey.

Thanks to all who share our dream. We have been able to build something far beyond a mere commercial brand, to situate ourselves in the realm of feelings.

Yes, when we launched SIROKO, just one year ago, there were those who thought we were crazy. Now, after 365 days, which feel like 365,000, we know that the best is yet to come: stay with us and continue to enjoy this marvelous madness.


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