Equipment for a marathon - #Siroko42kmChallenge

Have you trained hard so that nothing fails on the day of the marathon? After months of daily work, no detail can be left to chance.

If you’ve been asking yourself for weeks what is the perfect equipment to take on the 42K, here are all of your answers.


They are the most important element. It is fundamental to have comfortable sport shoes that are appropriate for your type of step: supinated, pronated or neutral. Don’t underestimate the power of the sneakers! The right sneakers can help you to save several seconds, but the wrong ones can cause devastating injuries. Ask for advice and don’t be led by fashion trends, because your feet are the most important thing.

You need to wear your competition sneakers during your training sessions so they can adapt to your feet and your step.

And one important piece of advice: avoid cotton socks. Look for DryFit synthetic fabrics. It will help you avoid blisters caused by sweat. Although you might not believe it, that could force you to drop out of the race.


Although this depends a lot on personal preferences, it’s important to keep in mind the weather conditions we will face. Leggings can protect us better from the cold, but they also retain more water from rain and sweat. If the heat is intense, wearing shorts is clearly the best option.

Be careful with the seams and friction. Whatever you decide to wear, try it out several times before the race.


It needs to be light and loose-fitted. In the final kilometers of a marathon, each extra gram can be a nightmare. On the other hand, it needs to be loose-fitted to avoid friction burns. That’s why we always recommend that women wear a top and that men protect particularly sensitive areas like the nipples with tape, as the contact with the shirt can end up being really painful… It’s very important to cover the whole abdomen to prevent side aches caused by the cold that enters the stomach.


If the weather is really sunny, don’t think twice: protect yourself. When the temperature is high, we recommend using a visor to remain fresh. If, on the other hand, it is very cold, a cap will help you maintain your temperature better and can also protect you from the rain.


Any endurance athlete considers sunglasses an almost mandatory accessory. After hours of running, protection from the sun is key for making sure you still feel good.

The wind is another external factor that can be really uncomfortable for our eyes. That’s why even when the sun isn’t shining we always suggest using clear lenses to protect ourselves from the particles that the air might drag.

If the light conditions are intermediate or the weather seems unstable, photochromic lenses that adapt to distinct light intensities will provide you protection and optimal visibility.

From the combination of the most cutting-edge design and Siroko’s most advanced technology, the official “Valencia Marathon” collection was born. Eight exclusive styles designed for and by runners with the latest innovations in lenses and frames applied. Includes 2 styles with photochromic lenses that perfectly control light transmission. Ideal for the competition and long training days.

Now that you know everything about the ideal equipment for running a marathon, keep training! Download the training plan here for the eleventh week of preparation. It’s almost here!

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