At Siroko we are passionate about cycling; that's why we have decided to honor the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia by launching a Special Limited Edition of our TECH sports sunglasses.

The new Siroko TECH K2 Mortirolo sport sunglasses feature the colors of the mythical transalpine round in their frame and are truly exclusive: only a hundred units have been made, one for each edition of the Giro. Fruit of our passion for the bicycle and knowledge in the development of sunglasses, we present sunglasses for cyclists that control every detail and that stand out for their great quality, comfort and security.

Siroko Tech

The launch of this limited edition coincides with the start of the mountain stages of the Giro d'Italia. Undoubtedly, the mythical transalpine round is one of the most exciting tests that exist in the world cycling calendar and the only race in stages that competes in demand and prestige with the Tour de France. At the high temperatures characteristic of the Tour, the Giro responds with a legendary climatic contrast and extreme hardness in its alpine stages. The Giro is always synonymous with mountains and snow, of dizzying descents on the wet asphalt and unpredictable meteorological conditions characteristic of the spring.

However, if anything has made this race mythical it has been its passionate supporters following (the Tiffosi) and of course, its great participants: from the first Bilda era, to the legendary rivalry, symbol of a divided country, the Campionissimo Coppi and the ever-suffering Bartali, the king of sports in Italy was cycling. When the Corsa Rosa crossed a locality, employers gave staff the day off and organized a real party. The fierce localism of the Giro has always meant that only the most talented foreign riders have been able to compete in the pink jersey ahead of the Italians. It has never been easy, on the contrary: only a few geniuses have been able to snatch the pink jersey from the local participants, talents of the stature of Eddy Merckx or Miguel Indurain. The fans, the peloton and even the organization of the Giro has always favored local victory. In the words of Gianni Bugno 'when an Italian attacks, all of Italy pushes'.

Siroko K2 Mortirolo

The K2 Mortirolo sport shades take care of all the nuances to adapt to the needs of the most demanding cyclists: they weigh less than 28 grams, which makes them extremely light; however, thanks to the use of cutting-edge polycarbonate, they are very flexible and resistant. The lens is manufactured with TAC technology and REVO coating, assembling twelve ultra-fine layers and achieving a superior quality. It has category 3 for its sunscreen (perfect for extreme light environments and ideal to ward off the cyclist's ocular fatigue). In addition, the lens is polarized.

The K2 Mortirolo glasses also feature the Dry Sky anti-fogging system (perfect for cycling) and provide ultra-panoramic 180-degree vision that adapts to the cyclist's position and extends the eye protection zone. Our new model also includes replaceable grippers for the arms and bridge, a microfiber bag with its own design inspired by the mythical port of Mortirolo mountain, a neoprene sleeve, pouch and strap.

Who doesn't remember that mythical ascent up the Mortirolo in which El Pirata Pantani, Miguel Indurain and Evgeni Berzin ended up providing one of the biggest sports performances of the nineties? Without a doubt, the Giro d'Italia is just that: pure spectacle. The Special Edition K2 Mortirolo sport sunglasses capture the essence of the Giro in truly unique sports sunglasses.

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