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Alexandra is 33 years old. She's beaten breast cancer this year and she's the girl you can see on the cover of our post. She has wanted to show herself like this to impact, bring people to consciousness, prevent and tell the world not to give up #DONTGIVEUP.

How many women do you know who fought or are still fighting against breast cancer?

We had a deep thought about it when we started talking about how we could help through our products or action. And we realized that we all got to face this horrible disease in one way or another.

Siroko Rose

Breast cancer reaches 1 in 8 women worldwide. And we couldn't just not try to contribute somehow or other.

And that's what we decided to do. We'll donate 100% of net proceeds of our Siroko Rose sunglasses to help fight cancer.

Today we want to introduce you to a story told by real women who helped us to give shape to this idea, and who had to deal with breast cancer in one way or another.

Siroko Rose WomenSiroko Rose Women

Siroko Rose Women

 We want to bring people to consciousness and let them know that prevention is important, but that the hope hidden behind their glaze is even more important.

By using the hashtag #DONTGIVEUP, we want to support all those brave women who have been reached by the disease.

Join the movement! Together, we'll be stronger against cancer. And remember that we'll donate all the net proceeds of each pair of Siroko Rose sunglasses sold.

To a gaze full of life.




Siroko Rose
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