Siroko becomes a sponsor of The Valencia Marathon - Trinidad Alfonso EDP

Siroko supports running by sponsoring one of the most important athletic events in Spain, and we want to do so together with you. When you cross the finish line you become a different person. Finishing a marathon stays with you for life, and we at Siroko want to be part of that experience.


We wouldn’t have it any other way! We couldn’t let an opportunity like this slip away given that we already launched our collection specially designed for runners. At Siroko we totally identify with the runner spirit and especially that of the marathoners: the ultimate challenge, the 42 kilometres that separate man from legend. A challenge based on preparation, effort, perseverance and above everything else, the desire to improve oneself. A tailor-made challenge for us!

For this edition, the 25,000 race numbers that the organization put up for sale have already sold out five months ago.

The 25,000 available race numbers sold out five months before the race is taking place. But guess what? Siroko is giving you another opportunity to take on the 42 kilometres of Valencia! We are raffling off 2 numbers and complete VIP experiences! Registration, travel, lodging and even a Valencia Marathon sport glasses pack included (competition databases). You now have the opportunity to take on the best runners in the world… or simply to push your own limits. You decide!

Do you want to participate? It’s very easy! Visit our Facebook or Instagram profile page and follow the instructions we've shared both in our posts and stories. And remember to follow us! We have a lot of new things coming around the corner.

The race, which takes place December 1st of this year in Valencia, is considered by the RFEA the best race in our country. Plus, for those who don’t want to take on all 42 kilometres, Siroko will also be sponsoring the Valencia Half Marathon.

The marathon is one of the most respected and beloved track-and-field races, and has been part of the Olympic Games since their first editions. Ever since the beginning, each race has been a true challenge for its participants, from those who go out to take on the world record to those who are happy just to finish the race.

Whatever the case may be, the surprises don’t stop there.

We want to help you prepare for the marathon, and that’s why each week we will offer you customized training sessions tailored to your level, to help you prepare for the race with the expertise of a professional trainer. Are you interested?

Stay tuned to our newsletters and social networks because we have a lot of new material coming out soon… because #SirokoMakesRunners.

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