Siroko Camel: the sunglasses you'll wear this Fall

Or is Fall only the excuse to show them to you? You'll never know...

Fall arrived and it is here to stay for a while, so our best-selling product since the birth of this madness, deserved  a proper campaign: Siroko Camel shades  

There are only a few units left and we're about to run out of them, but we didn't want to miss the chance to show you what we had in store for the Star among our Siroko sunglasses.

The Autumn mood takes over our wardrobe and becomes the perfect accessory to kick off an unforgettable Fall season.

The Soft Touch remains present in an exclusive design of our trendiest polarized sunglasses. Do you think brown is boring? Camel applies to become a must-have color for the season.

It can be combined with brown, no matter the shade. A perfect match with denim, white, rose quartz, blue or burgundy.

No wonder they have been our best-selling product so far. They are our most unisex and transversal piece.

Don't you need them? - Click on the button you'll find hereunder and get  15% off on your Siroko Camel shades. You can also add the promo code CAMEL during the checkout process.


You better be fast if you want to be trendy this Fall  

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