Spring means a burst of light, joy and color. Days are longer, nights are warmer and the fun in the streets is always assured. We fall in love for the first time in Spring, we dream about changing the world and we feel more alive than ever before. That's why we couldn't wait to celebrate this period of the year with a new launch, radically different to what we’ve done so far: a unique pair of sunglasses which capture the Spring spirit and make it match with our most urban vocation. Your Siroko Graffiti shades were born from the mixture between color and modernity!

At Siroko, we think that the change of period of the year is a chance to do things we really want to, to forget about what we don’t want in our lives and to start living in freedom. This mood is reflected in our boldest bet for this season: the unique and inimitable look of the new Siroko Graffiti sunglasses make them different to whatever you may have seen before.

Graffiti Siroko

While thinking about the term Graffiti, we thought we could adopt it as a way of expression linked to creativity and urban environment, but also as a tribute to color and to the most avant-garde and cosmopolite attitudes; the Siroko Graffiti shades are designed with the will to reaffirm our unique and colorful character and symbolize the arrival of that period of the year, when flowers arrive to the city.

The new Siroko Graffiti sunglasses are our best bet for this season: SoftTouch finish as on the rest of our collection plus polarized UV400 lenses. The best way to protect your eyes from the rays of the Sun.

Siroko Graffiti, paint your life in full color!

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