Optimal performance in a race like the marathon depends on many factors: stamina, nutrition, breathing, race technique, and of course, speed.

The time we run in the race will be our final result after many months of training. Even if our goal is just to complete the race, there will be a maximum cut-off time determined by the organization.

Have you been wanting to improve your race speed for a while? We’ve prepared 3 perfect exercises for you to truly take yourself to the next level.

Exercise 1

If you’ve never done speed training before, the best option is to begin with slight changes in pace. Attempting to change speeds too abruptly can cause injuries to important muscles, so be very careful. Your health comes first.

  • Run 45 minutes at a light/medium intensity.
  • Then do between 4 and 6 20-second sprints at maximum intensity.
  • It’s very important that you do between 30 and 45 seconds of light jogging after each sprint.

Exercise 2

To improve your speed the key is to have enough mental toughness to be able to constantly get out of your comfort zone. We always have to go that extra mile, pun intended, even when we think it’s impossible.

  • Warm up by jogging lightly for 2 or 3 kilometers.
  • Do 5 or 10 minutes of race technique exercises.
  • When your body feels perfectly activated, do 8 series of 400m at a high or very high intensity with a 2-minute recovery interval between each one.
  • Finish the session with 2 kilometers of light jogging.

Exercise 3

Long strides along with a slightly faster leg rhythm is a key factor when trying to increase your race speed. With small changes in pace every 30 seconds, you will be able to feel your own body evolving and getting used to the new sensations little by little.

  • Warm up by jogging lightly for 2 or 3 kilometers.
  • For 10 minutes, do 30-second intervals alternating between running and walking (never standing still). With each running interval try to increase the intensity, the pace of your legs and the length of your stride. Each week try to prolong this exercise 2 more minutes until you can do it for 20 minutes. You will push your limits to extremes that you would never have imagined.
  • Jog lightly for 10 or 15 minutes to finish the session.

Try these 3 exercises and you will see for yourself that improving your race speed is simpler than you thought. You just need to concentrate during your training sessions and be consistent with them. Be patient, because you won’t notice the improvement overnight!

Download here the training plan for the seventh week of preparation for the marathon challenge and break all of your limits.

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