The Importance of a Customized Training Regime

We already knew that running is addictive. Just by walking out onto the street you can see the number of runners who are preparing for the most unimaginable challenges.

However, passion and desire aren’t everything. It’s also essential to have a personalized training plan designed to fit both our current physical characteristics and the goal we have in mind. #SirokoMakesRunners


We need to evaluate our physical and mental condition in order to set up a personalized training plan that gives us the results we want.

The real starting level of amateur athletes should also determine their goals and daily training sessions. Only an personalized planning can guarantee that we keep an appropriate pace for our level and allow us to enjoy a race as thrilling as the marathon. 

Remember: “To attempt to run a marathon we should have run at least somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 kilometers in our lifetimes.”


Both lack of training and overtraining can lead to a higher risk of injuries.

In fact, injuries caused by fatigue, overuse and stress are very common among amateur athletes who haven’t followed strict, detailed planning. Muscle tears, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, tibial periostitis, and Iliotibial band syndrome are much more common than we think.


Everything athletes do in day-to-day life outside the training sessions has a direct influence on performance. A healthy, balanced diet and a well-planned sleep schedule have a huge influence on successfully achieving or failing to achieve their goals.


Keeping ourselves motivated is just as important as physical preparation. That’s why a training plan that guarantees us gradual improvement in performance is key to avoid losing motivation.

Knowing the importance of carrying out a customized training plan developed by a professional, we invite you to download here the training plan for the third week of this amazing challenge. Remember that every 7 days we will keep going deeper into the essential aspects of setting yourself up for success in a marathon. And above all, we will make sure of the most important things: staying healthy and having fun!


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