We are beginning preparation for the Valencia Marathon. Join the #SIROKO42KMCHALLENGE!

Have you ever thought of running a Marathon? Have you always wanted to do it but don’t know how to start? Siroko is making it easy for you! Join our team, Siroko Runners, and take on the #Siroko42KMChallenge of the Valencia Marathon with us. 

We at Siroko want you to join us in what will be our greatest challenge, the Valencia Marathon. We offer you a professional trainer, and each week we will share with you training sessions tailored to your level, tips, advice, raffles, gifts, and of course the motivation needed for you to finish the 42 kilometers with the best preparation. Siroko Makes Runners!

It doesn’t matter if your goal is just to cross the finish line or to break the world record, a competent personalized training regime is the basis for success. We at Siroko are taking this seriously, and we want to prepare you along with 8 other athletes to take on your first marathon. Ready to get started? Here is your first week of training sessions. It’s divided into 3 levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Be realistic with your level: you know that the marathon is the ultimate test.

Plus, in our weekly videos, we’ll show all the details you must take into account before facing the fast-paced - but extremely tough - 42 kilometers of Valencia (or any other marathon). If you want to meet the Siroko Runners and join them in their preparation, here they are!

Iván Pérez Prida
Age: 43
For my first marathon, I just want to enjoy every single minute together with this fantastic team.

Susana Celorio Patallo
Age: 39
I force myself to push the boundaries every single day.

Rubén Fernández del Corro
Age: 39
The transition from mountain to asphalt is a real challenge, but I love it.

Silvia Iglesias Fanjul
Age: 41
Mom of two
Running a marathon is a tough challenge but also extremely beautiful.

Javier Fernández Gómez
Age: 38
You need a good team to succeed.

Marta Fernández Alonso
Age: 28
Police agent
I love challenges and new experiences. The marathon will be the final touch to a wonderful year.

Rubén Tuset Grande
Age: 24
I find pleasure in the agony and suffering of long distance races.

Marta Casanova Vázquez
Age: 25
Student and athlete
The marathon is a different type of challenge. It means personal growth and an unforgettable experience.

And that’s not all: soon we will unveil the Limited Edition Valencia Marathon Collection by Siroko. Do you want to be the first one to see it, and enjoy one of its exclusive models? You’re in luck! We are raffling them off on our Facebook and Instagram page. Go get ‘em!

Do you want to cross the finish line with us? Join the #SIROKO42KCHALLENGE and take on the Valencia Marathon with us! We’re waiting for you.


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