Why do your new siroko beat sunglasses cost less than 70€ (and not more than 150€)

Any other brand that uses acetate in the production process of their sunglasses, maintains a pricing policy that situates each model to a selling price above 150€. Till now, no other brand had been able to bring to the market sunglasses made out of pure acetate at a price below 70€. Acetate is the perfect raw material to produce the highest quality sunglasses.

Thanks to its extreme resistance and inimitable finish, acetate is the star material in the manufacture of sunglasses. Materials of synthetic origin reduce the costs and industrialize production. Unlike the coloring process of acetate (which is completely manual), the production process using materials of synthetic origin is completely industrialized.

The manufacture required to color a material of organic origin such as acetate makes each eyeglass a truly unique object and also achieves an inimitable finish and exceptional shine. The truth is that no other compound achieves the luminosity and color of acetate, nor does it withstand the passage of time. Glasses made from different types of polycarbonate and other synthetic materials usually lose their brightness over time, while those produced in acetate remain intact over the years.

The new Siroko Beat Generation sunglasses are made of pure acetate, plus they count on the latest CR39 technology for their lenses. Until now, it was almost impossible to find sunglasses of superior quality like the Beat Generation ones at such a good price. Why has Siroko been able to release its new sunglasses at such a low price?

First of all, Siroko does not use external distributors. By renouncing to intermediaries and selling directly online to the end customer, we are able to adjust our price significantly. In addition, Siroko invests in quality mainly. This is the way we can continue to maintain a really low price policy while significantly increase the quality of our products.

Our advertising and marketing policy is secondary because we always prioritize to invest in research and development and place quality in the spotlight. The lack of big names in our advertising campaigns and moderating the investment in our marketing budget gives us the chance to focus exclusively on what really matters: offering a product of premium quality at the fairest price.

Also not to forget is the close monitoring exerted by Siroko over each process throughout the product's life, which is absolutely key: from the initial design and its production to the final sale. In this way we do not incur in unnecessary costs, nor in expenses added by external services.

Only by being much more efficient than the rest, we can handle prices never seen so far in pure acetate finishes. At Siroko we believe that a fantastic design and exceptional materials are of little use if only a few can afford it. That's why we are always working to adjust our prices to the maximum. This is our spirit, our main goal and what we're always striving to achieve.

Are you ready to move on to #NextLevel? Siroko makes it easy for you :)


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