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We are the most anxious generation ever. We are drowning in a sea of chronic dissatisfaction and our lifeline is just popping a pill.

We’ve grown addicted to immediate reward and allergic to effort and frustration.

We consume the fast food of emotions, we crave instant feelings, without moving, without effort, without even breathing. Until we run out of air…

Perhaps now is the time to take the long way around. To embrace frustration and suffering.

To run out of breath so we can start breathing again. To break away from it all so that we can feel a connection again. To define our comfort zone, but from the outside. And to realize that from here… it’s so much easier to breathe.

How about we start meditating? It’s simply breathing. Do you know what it means to breathe? To reconnect with yourself. Nowadays, my favorite time of the day is my morning walk. Before, I used to rush to check Siroko’s stats and sales figures like a madman. 

At Siroko, we have our own pill to pop, the one that really has the power to fix things: sports. Perhaps the time has come to take that first step. Today, we have decided to take the first step as a brand as well. We opened a new Instagram account, starting from scratch. We want it to change everything, forever. We want it to become an account that inspires, and that’s what it says: Inspire Others.

We would like to send a message, a positive, joyful message. We would like to encourage people to take that first step. To start feeling good about themselves. Through sport. This is the message from Siroko to the world.

Whether it’s a morning walk, a Zumba class, a bike ride with your friends, a hike surrounded by nature, a basketball game with friends or a surfing lesson. 

How about doing it for your family? They are the ones who really want to see you well and healthy. What if you do it simply for yourself? To reconnect with yourself and enjoy life again, like when you were a kid and played with your friends throwing stones into the river. 

There are many sports that help you stay connected with nature and can truly benefit you.

How about doing gymnastics, like my grandfather, or just walking? Simply enjoying life again. Because we all seek the same thing, we are human beings and all we need is to be at peace with ourselves.

We would love to have you join us on this new journey.


Carles Valdés and Borja Mera

Creative Director and CEO of Siroko


  1. Avatar

    I love the idea of embracing frustration and suffering. I always used to tell my wife during training sessions to embrace the hills. She didn’t feel it at the time and if looks could kill. But I’m totaly on-board with that!

    1. Siroko

      Hi Scott,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Sport teaches us many things, one of them is to embrace suffering, to understand that pain is not always bad, and to learn that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. At all levels. From beginner to professional. Discipline, teamwork…many values and lessons that we can learn by participating in sports.


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