Cycling for beginners

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Cycling for beginners: A basic guide to heart rate training

Before power meters became a thing, heart rate training was the main tool for building a solid, strong foundation and improving the cyclist’s performance. And while power meters are becoming increasingly more popular and accessible, heart rate monitors are closing in on them. Here’s a basic, easy guide to get… 

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Bicycle on an indoor bike trainer: care and maintenance basics

Indoor cycling really gained traction during the pandemic. However, it had already been a pretty popular choice, both among pros and amateurs who wanted to keep training despite the bad weather outside and among recreational cyclists as an effective way of exercising at home. The improvement of materials and technology,… 

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Cycling essentials: 15 items every cyclist should take with them

Picture yourself out on a ride, with a huge smile on your face, feeling the wind on your skin, and then… BOOM! You get a flat tire. Now, you’re suddenly stuck somewhere without an inner tube replacement. What if you’re about to pass out from hunger? You have your phone… 

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6 investments that will make you a better cyclist

In cycling, as in so many other aspects of life, the basics are always the hardest to achieve, master and maintain. The sacrifice and effort involved in building the foundation is enormous. Especially if you don’t actually enjoy the process. At the same time, we all love “magic formulas”, superfoods… 

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