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2024 Gravel Cycling Apparel Collection: Designs for Women & Men

Gravel has become one of the most popular, ever-growing disciplines in cycling. The freedom to explore new trails, ride on mixed terrain and get away from traffic are some of the reasons why gravel has become so popular among both beginner and seasoned cyclists.  Having the right equipment is paramount… 

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Siroko 2024 fashion sunglasses

  • Siroko
  • 7 min read

In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, sunglasses become an essential accessory to reflect your personality and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. At Siroko, we have collections to meet all styles and tastes, just take a look at 2024 Siroko sunglasses line. From classic designs to… 

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Siroko K4 SRX and K4 SRX PRO sports glasses: the ultimate eyewear to face all routes

Siroko began as a simple sunglasses brand. Creating our first sports eyewear line – the K2 – made us realize that in cycling and other outdoor sports, clear vision and eye protection are key. Then along came the K3 line and its little sister, the K3s range. Over the years,… 

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