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Siroko Sidney: How to make the most of our new siroko urban fixie bike

Moving around the city has been getting increasingly tiresome and expensive. On top of the amount of time we spend in the car or on public transport, inflation and gas prices have increased, making commutes even more tedious. But if we’ve learned anything since March 2020, it’s that there is… 

poco tiempo

6 tips to make time for cycling

  • Cycling
  • 7 min read

We’re all living such busy lives that most cyclists, both male and female, have trouble balancing their passion for cycling with their jobs, studies, family, social life and pastimes. To be honest, you’ll have to give up something if you want to practice cycling, unless it is your sole activity… 

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How to get the right pressure for your bike tires: a beginner’s guide

No matter if you ride a mountain, road, gravel or urban bike, one of the most common mistakes in cycling is not having the right tire pressure. Sometimes by excess, thinking that with a lot of pressure we will ride faster, or due to a misconception that tires are airtight… 

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How to choose gravel tires

  • Gravel
  • 7 min read

If you have a gravel bike or you are considering buying one, you have probably heard that it is the most versatile bike, a sort of two-wheeled Swiss army knife, suitable for all types of terrain. And it’s true, versatility is its great asset because you can easily ride both… 

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