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Siroko x PowerExplosive Collection – Unlock your potential

We are proud to unveil the exclusive Siroko x PowerExplosive collection. This partnership with David Marchante, the man behind PowerExplosive, was born from our joint passion for fitness and the constant pursuit of excellence throughout his professional career and personal life. At Siroko, we see ourselves reflected in David’s path, full of ups and downs, hard times and great triumphs. It is a true testimony of dedication, constant learning and innovative spirit.

David’s success is not only due to his impressive physical skills, but also to his multidisciplinary, data-driven, evidence-based approach and commitment to lifelong learning. He believes learning and then sharing this knowledge is the key. What we wanted to capture in our Siroko x PowerExplosive collection is the character, journey and spirit that we share.

The garments have been designed with performance and comfort in mind. They are perfect for those who, just like David, push themselves to the limit during every workout. But they also carry an important message: with dedication, passion and the right knowledge, no goal is unattainable.

So, whatever your goal is, get ready to unleash your full potential and take on any challenge with the Siroko x PowerExplosive collection.

Siroko x PowerExplosive Men’s Collection

Siroko x PowerExplosive Women’s Collection

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