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Siroko M2 Collection: Affordable and functional cycling jerseys for women and men

Let’s face it. Beginner-level cycling is not a cheap sport when compared to soccer, basketball or track and field. You need more money to buy a bike and basic equipment than in other sports. That said, if you’re on a tight budget and you’re thinking of taking up cycling because you’ve got the cycling bug, or if you’ve been cycling for a while and want to update your wardrobe – don’t worry! At Siroko we have what you’re looking for: the M2 collection where you’ll find affordable men’s and women’s styles of cycling jerseys, long- and short-sleeved models, offering excellent quality and a variety of designs, colors and sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Before reading about their main features, check out our article on how to choose a good cycling jersey and see for yourself that the M2 is a great choice at an unbeatable price:


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There are two types of fabrics in the M2 jerseys. Both are breathable and elastic, but featuring different combinations of elastane and polyester, varying in weight and mesh structure, which allows us to obtain different properties for specific requirements in terms of cooling and breathability. The main fabric is a smooth, soft, optimal-weight lycra to provide comfort in every situation. The fabric on the back is micro-perforated, ensuring proper heat and moisture evaporation. The rear pocket area is made of the same kind of lycra as the main fabric so that it can hold up the weight of the items cyclists usually put in their pockets without compromising breathability.

Cut and fit

Naturally, women’s M2 jerseys are designed differently than men’s jerseys to adapt better to the female body shape. This does not mean that a woman or a man can only wear a woman’s or a man’s jersey. Fortunately, the elasticity of the fabric allows the jersey to easily adapt to different bodies.

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Its Race Slim Fit cut is snug, but not too tight, guaranteeing an adequate ease of movement on the bike. This is possible thanks to the elastic fabric and the panel-based construction of the jersey. The back panel (featuring a drop tail) is larger than the front one so that the jersey adapts to the rider’s posture. This means there is no shortage of fabric on the back and no excess on the front, improving aerodynamics, lower-back protection and comfort. Raglan sleeves (a type of one-piece sleeve that extends fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone) and side panels provide the optimal fit, adapting the garment to the body. 

If you want your jersey to fit properly, make sure you choose the right size. You can take a look at our guide on how to find the right size for your cycling clothes. It’s sure to come in handy.


The jersey is a key garment when it comes to personalizing the cycling look. Choosing a design that matches your socks, your bike or your helmet not only helps you feel good and leave home with a smile on your face, but also defines your style and personality. 

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In our M2 collection you will find jerseys with minimalist designs featuring only one or two colors such as the Blue Coast, the Pimorent or the Innsbruck, others with a classic look like our best-selling Westfalia, and finally some cool and original designs i.e. the women’s Pinerolo style that matches perfectly our BX Jungle bib shorts and the Amazonas base layer. 

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Collar and Waist

The low-cut collar is made of the same fabric as the rest of the jersey and you will find size, care and wash information printed on the inside, preventing any unnecessary labels from chafing against the skin. There is also a soft rubber band with Siroko’s logo on the seam that joins the collar with the sleeves and the front and back panels, providing comfort and a perfect fit. The bottom hem of the jersey features an elastic band with a silicone gripper to guarantee the optimal fit and position of the jersey.


Logically, the main difference between the M2 short sleeve and M2 long sleeve jerseys is the length of the sleeve. In addition, the design of the long sleeve differs slightly from the short sleeve to adapt to the position of the arms on the bike. In both cases it is a ribbed raglan sleeve, with a cuff hem at the wrist (long sleeve) or at the arm (short sleeve); its snug fit is due to the elasticity of the fabric. 


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There are three rear pockets with a similar capacity. The two side pockets have an angled upper opening allowing you to easily take out and put in snacks, cell phones or other objects on the fly. The hems in all three pockets are elastic, which makes them easily accessible with your hands, keeps everything in place, secures the items that are sticking out (vests, gloves, pump), making sure nothing falls out even during bumpy rides. In the upper part of the central pocket there is a small pouch with an SBS semi-automatic lock for your valuables. The entire pocket area has reinforced outer seams to carry heavier objects.


The front zipper also features an SBS semi-automatic lock. This means that it does not slide freely unless the pull tab is lifted to a certain point. At that point the locking pin is released and the zipper can be pulled up or down easily. The entire zipper is protected on the inside with fabric to prevent it from jamming and also to avoid chafing on the neck and torso, hair snagging, skin damage or irritation as well as to protect the bib shorts.

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These are all the features of Siroko’s M2 collection: Versatile and affordable cycling jerseys for women and men that you can wear every day throughout most of the year and in a variety of weather conditions when combined with base layers, windproof vests and other warm clothing. Whether you’re riding 30 km or 200 km, an M2 jersey is your comfortable, reliable and durable companion.

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