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Siroko M3 ultra-lightweight cycling jerseys

Every cyclist likes to ride fast. Smart, well-planned and balanced training is the best way to achieve this. However, technology that can help us progress is always welcome. That’s why at Siroko we have decided to create a jersey that would be lighter and more aerodynamic than our M2 range: Let us introduce you to the new M3 cycling jerseys collection. Granted, we haven’t been particularly creative with the name. But hey, 3 goes on top of 2, so why make things harder if what really matters is that the M3 jerseys are more breathable and lighter than the M2 jerseys? Now, let’s look at all the features of these new jerseys in detail, keeping one key fact in mind: An M3 jersey weighs 25% less than an M2. 


The micro-perforated fabric provides exceptional moisture management, great lightness and adaptability thanks to the exclusive combination of polyester and elastane. The result is a lightweight, quick-dry and highly breathable jersey for day-to-day use, perfect for high temperatures (especially in summer), demanding, high-speed competitions or workouts when our bodies generate a lot of heat and need to be kept cool and dry up as quickly as possible. It is also great for intense, sweaty sessions on indoor cycling trainers.


The design is ideal for temperatures above 25°C and/or for high-intensity exercise. That is why all the panels in the M3 collection jerseys are made of ultra-lightweight, elastic micro-perforated material. The fabric on the sleeves and at the back is thinner and lighter than the front panel. This allows for a little more protection on the chest without hindering air circulation to facilitate heat dissipation and sweat evaporation.


The low-cut collar is also made of micro-perforated fabric. You will find size, care and wash information printed on the inside, reducing weight and preventing any unnecessary labels from chafing against the skin. There is also a soft rubber band with Siroko’s logo on the seam that joins the collar with the sleeves and the front and back panels, providing comfort and a perfect fit.  


The ribbed raglan sleeves fit perfectly thanks to their elastic fabric, keeping the jersey in place without the need for any additional elements. The sleeves are long enough to offer better protection against UV rays.


The bottom hem of the jersey features an elastic band with our signature silicone gripper to keep the jersey in the optimal position, improving the fit and aerodynamics of the garment.


We will find three classic rear pockets and one extra zippered pouch on the back of the jersey. The first three are large and easy to access, offering enough space to store large smartphones, spare bike parts and snacks for long rides. The fabric is plain, not micro-perforated, so the pockets can hold up well even heavier items. Elastic upper hem keeps everything you put into the pocket securely in place making sure it does not fall out. The zippered pouch is perfect for carrying keys and other vital items.


Speaking of zippers, the M3 range also features an SBS semi-automatic lock. The entire zipper is protected on the inside with micro-perforated fabric to ensure optimal comfort for the neck, preventing hair snagging, skin damage or irritation as well as protecting the bib shorts. A semi-automatic zipper with a puller means that it does not slide freely unless the pull tab is lifted to a certain point. At that point the locking pin is released and the zipper can be pulled up or down easily. As long as the pin is facing down, the zipper neither opens nor closes, which lets you open or close the jersey as far as you want without worrying about the zipper moving up or down on its own.

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In brief: the M3 jersey collection from Siroko is based on the use of an ultra-lightweight micro-perforated fabric and an aerodynamic design. This highly breathable fabric on all the jersey’s panels guarantees excellent sweat absorption and ultra-quick drying of the garment. Its Race Slim Fit cut adjusts to the rider’s position on the bike reducing air resistance. This makes the Siroko M3 style a perfect jersey for racing, intense training or for any hot day of the year.

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