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Siroko New Arrivals 2024: Biodegradable cycling jerseys

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The fashion industry is facing many great challenges nowadays, one of them being the environmental impact of discarded apparel that ends up in landfills. Every year, tons of items of clothing are thrown away, damaging the environment and becoming a threat to ecosystems.


Now’s the time to act and look for more sustainable alternatives, which is why at Siroko we’re proud to present our new biodegradable cycling jersey collection. Four designs for men and four for women, with the following technical specifications:

These cycling jerseys are made with GREENONE® biodegradable, recycled polyester and Roica™ V550 eco-friendly elastane. The recycled polyester fiber is made from plastic bottles that are turned into a thin thread. Special additives are used to allow the anaerobic decomposition of the thread in the span of a year and a half. According to ASTM D5511 testing, this means a fabric biodegradation rate of 49.2% after 592 days, and during this process, the fabric won’t release any harmful toxins.

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The Roica™ V550 elastane is part of ROICA Eco-Smart™ stretch yarn family, and it’s a fiber that uses considerably less energy during its manufacturing process, which leads to a reduction of the environmental impact. This fiber also has Oeko-tex® and Cradle to Cradle® certifications, two independent institutions that assess the impact of products, materials and systems on the environment and on people’s health.

In addition to using these two materials in the production of our new cycling jerseys, we have gone a step further and integrated biodegradable polyamide in the elastic band around the waist and the neck. This polyamide is called Amni Soul Eco® and it contains additives that allow the anaerobic decomposition of the thread in the span of five years, as opposed to the 50-100 years that traditional fibers take to fully decompose. This way, the resulting fabric offers a good performance over its lifetime and a reduced environmental impact when discarded.

But this is just the beginning. We’re also proud to say that even the zippers in our jerseys are made from recycled materials, which guarantees that this item is sustainable in each and every single one of its components. Both the front zipper and the rear pocket zipper are NATULON Plus®, containing the highest percentage of recycled materials offered by the brand YKK.

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And last but not least, the production process also plays a crucial role in the search for a more sustainable industry. These cycling jerseys feature fabrics made in Italy and zippers made in Portugal, where the final product is put together as well. By shortening the supply chain and prioritizing local resources, we reduce the environmental impact and promote economic development. What’s more, this approach allows for better quality and transparency in the manufacturing process, promoting conscious and environmentally responsible fashion.

In a nutshell, our biodegradable cycling jerseys are designed to give you maximum comfort and performance during all your rides, while also helping you do your part for the environment. By riding together and being mindful of the impact we make, we can contribute to minimizing the carbon footprint of the life cycle of our apparel. It is time to make a difference. Together, we can all reduce the amount of clothing that damages the environment and protect our wonderful ecosystems.

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