Siroko giveaway 900 € 2024

Last updated on: 10/07/2024

Terms and conditions of the @siroko giveaway: 

900 € in Siroko products as a prize 

  1. Organizing company details
  • SIROKO SOLUTIONS S.L.  (hereinafter
  • TAX ID: B52537651
  • Registered office: PLAZA 6 DE AGOSTO Nº6, 2º 33203 - GIJON (Asturias)
  • Phone number: 984 49 37 44
  • E-mail address:   [email protected]


  1. We legally comply with the rules of Instagram regarding our contest.

In order to carry out the promotion and organization of our contest through Instagram, we have verified that we comply with the regulations of META regarding this type of promotional initiatives, as well as the data processing of Instagram users who wish to indicate that they are going to follow our profile @siroko. 

If you are an Instagram user you can find more information before taking any action on @siroko at: 





  1. Rules of our contest at @siroko account on Instagram

Terms and conditions for participation

Any natural person over 18 years of age may participate in the contest if they:

  1. Follow our @siroko account on Instagram.
  2. Meet the access criteria to be a user of Instagram ( and prove that they are over 18 years of age. 
  3. Post a comment at @siroko account on Instagram.
  4. And, in addition, they specifically mention in the comment 2 people who are also users of Instagram. The prize worth 900 € will be shared between the person who posts the winning comment and the two people they tag in that comment. Tags cannot be modified. 

@siroko will only consider profiles that meet these conditions.

Campaign start and end dates, and the deadline for the giveaway

The campaign starts on THURSDAY JULY 11th and the possible winners will be selected among people who meet the giveaway criteria by July 31st. 

The draw will be held on AUGUST 1st at 10.00 a.m. CET (UTC+02:00).

The campaign is addressed to followers who meet the above requirements and is done through our @siroko account on Instagram. Siroko reserves the right to postpone or extend the period of the giveaway in case of force majeure, as well as the right to interpret these legal terms and conditions. 

The giveaway will be carried out by @siroko in the following manner:

The draw will take place on August 1st. Three people will be selected: the winner and two supplementary profiles. The selected person must fully meet all the requirements of the giveaway. If the selected person does not meet the requirements, we will select another winner. The 900 € from the giveaway shall be shared between the person who posts the comment and those tagged in the comment. All these must be real profiles, fake profiles cannot participate in the giveaway.

The results of the giveaway will be published on @siroko account under the giveaway post and we will contact the winners via direct message sent to their profile. 

In case it is impossible to contact the winning profile for a reason beyond @siroko, we will proceed to contact the alternate winners. (there are only 3 people selected, the winner and two alternates) if they do not answer within 24 hours from the first contact, the prize will be passed onto the next person. 

Alternate winners of the @siroko giveaway:

@siroko will preemptively choose three profiles that meet the requirements, and if the first winner cannot be reached, we will try to contact the alternate winners. 

Prize value and how @siroko is going to proceed with the awarding of the prize. 

The monetary value of the prize is 900 €, which means the amount of 300 € to each of the 3 people. The delivery method of the prize: member accounts at will be created for the three winners so that they can receive the money in their "SIROKO WALLET", which is a means of payment that can be used through the @siroko website to place your order through it using the monetary amount of your prize. The on-line purchases made by the giveaway winners shall be regulated by the general and specific contracting conditions that apply to all consumers of the Siroko e-commerce and are available at the website.

In compliance with the Gambling Law of the Principality of Asturias (Ley del Juego del Principado de Asturias), the organizer will announce the giveaway via Instagram. Therefore, the organizer must declare before the Tax Services of the Principality of Asturias (Servicios Tributarios del Principado de Asturias) the existence of this giveaway, its date, as well as the sharing rules of the same, stating that the value to be distributed is 300 € per person in Siroko brand products. The reference prices for the product value of the 300 € shall be the ones that appear on the web page owned by Siroko Solutions S.L.

Information regarding the processing of data during the giveaway.

Instagram profile details of the participants

The @siroko followers' data shall be processed in accordance with the privacy policy of Instagram, as well as users' specific personal privacy settings of said network. Before taking any action at @siroko, the participants should be aware of the different data processing methods that Meta applies. @siroko does not process any of their followers’ Instagram data. @siroko followers simply receive the news that the profile presents about the products that the brand offers for sale. @siroko can see the name of their followers' profiles provided that the users' specific personal privacy settings allow for this.

Other people's profile data shared by the participants at the @siroko account

The participants of our giveaway, in addition to meeting their own requirements, shall tag two other profiles in order to participate in the draw. Siroko Solutions S.L. declines any responsibility regarding the authorization and/or consent the users of these profiles might have given to the participants. @siroko understands that the person who provides such data has the consent or authorization, or acts as a representative, of the owners of the profiles they have provided in order to comply with the requirements of the giveaway. In case of any legal claim from either of the two profiles provided to us, the person who uses their data will be responsible for any liability action. 

Personal details of the winners of the giveaway

Once the giveaway is concluded, we shall contact the winner by sending them a direct message via Instagram. 

In said message, we will ask the winner to provide us with the data strictly necessary to create an account as a "Member" at, and thus, we will create an account with access to the "SIROKO WALLET" where the giveaway prize will be awarded. If the main participant does not provide us with their details, we will not be able to deliver the prize neither to the said participant nor to the other two accounts they have tagged in order to participate. 

You can check the information regarding the processing of your personal data at in the LEGAL NOTICE AND PRIVACY POLICY section. The legal basis for data processing in this case will be the one that applies to users who are registered members of Siroko, based on your consent to participate in the giveaway. 

The @siroko team is at your service to clarify any questions that may arise in relation to the rules of this contest

1 - Regarding the data shared at the @siroko account by the participant, Siroko Solutions S.L. declines any responsibility regarding the authorization and/or consent the users of these profiles might have given to the participants for this purpose. In case of any legal claim from either of the profiles provided to us, the person who uses their data will be responsible for any liability action.