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SIROKO ships to almost every country in the world.
Shipping costs vary according to the geographical area of delivery and the type of transportation mode involved.

You will be able to see the final cost of your shipment at all times during the checkout process. You will also be able to choose among several shipping methods to suit your preferences, depending on your location. Finally, free shipping is available in certain countries for a minimum order amount specified during the checkout process: €60 in Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) and Portugal, €90 or €125 in other selected countries.

*We do not ship to P.O. Boxes or Military Bases.

Customs Fees and Duties

The above costs refer only to shipping costs, but do not include any customs duties such as import fees or taxes for a specific location (unless otherwise specified*). SIROKO is not responsible for these costs, which are payable by the buyer.

*For Canada, Colombia, Mexico and the United Kingdom, Customs Duties are included upon choosing the DHL Express shipping method.

The delivery time of your order depends on the shipping company you select. During the purchase process you will be able to see the estimated delivery time according to each shipping company once the package leaves our facilities.

Please note that the delivery times refer to business days and may vary depending on stock availability or setbacks during the shipping process.

We work with globally renowned shipping companies such as DHL Express, DPD, Hermes, Correos Express as well as most of the major postal services worldwide.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

* Returns due to manufacturing defect.

The User may return any product with a manufacturing defect to SIROKO free of charge.

To request an exchange or return, please contact us specifying your order number, the reason for the exchange and the name of the product. You can do this by filling out the the contact form.

The User shall have a period of one month to inform SIROKO of their dissatisfaction with the product, listing the model or the product name along with a photograph of it and a description of the defects encountered. Past the aforementioned period, SIROKO shall not be liable for any claimed damages.

Upon receipt of such notice, SIROKO will inform you within 3 days if it agrees to the return of the product, in which case, SIROKO will proceed to arrange its pick-up.

To ensure the correct pick-up of the product, all labels, packaging, documents and original accessories must be in place, and the order reference number shall be clearly visible on the packaging or on the external label, otherwise SIROKO reserves the right to decline the return of the product.

Once the product is received and defects are verified, SIROKO will proceed to replace it with an item with identical characteristics at no cost to the Customer.

* Right of withdrawal

The Customer shall have a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt of the Product to inform SIROKO of the total or partial withdrawal of their Product purchase in accordance with applicable law.

Once thirty (30) calendar days have passed, SIROKO will not accept returns of a purchased Product due to withdrawal.

To make use of this system, the Product must be in the same condition in which it was received with the original labeling. The Customer must send the Product in the same box or bag or in a similar form of packaging. If the product is not sent with the original packaging, the Product may suffer depreciation.

To ensure the correct return of the product, all labels, packaging, documents and original accessories must be in place, and the order reference number shall be clearly visible on the packaging or on the external label, otherwise SIROKO reserves the right to refuse the return of the product.

To request a withdrawal, contact us specifying your order number and product name. You can do this by filling out the contact form and then returning the product to the following address:

Siroko Solutions S.L.
C/ Gustavo Eiffel nº 224 (Polígono de Roces)
33211 - Gijón - Asturias - España

The refund shall be processed as soon as possible, although SIROKO may withhold the funds until the product has been received or until the return process has been confirmed.

We want you to look great in our apparel! If you bought a pair of sunglasses, a jersey or a jacket and you don't like the way it looks on you, you can exchange it. The return shipping costs are at your expense and once we receive the product, we will send you a new model or a different size free of charge.

Please remember that if you're not satisfied with the product, you can return it within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product (same timeframe as for withdrawals).

You'll find a sizing guide on each product detail page.

All SIROKO products are designed to achieve the highest level of durability possible.

Most of our clothing is made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon or elastane. We are looking into recent developments in order to find the most sustainable versions of these fabrics and include them in our range of products in the upcoming seasons.

With respect to organic or animal fibers, such as products that include merino wool (cycling jerseys, base layers, etc.) we have always been committed to working with materials and suppliers that comply with the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).

All our collections of sunglasses, as well as technical and sports eyewear comply with all the necessary standards:

EN ISO 12312-1:201+A1:2015
EN ISO 12311:2013
USA ANSI z80.3-2015

We use versatile and durable materials in their production, at the same time doing research and looking into more possibilities of using materials with a reduced environmental impact. To this day, we have used polycarbonate, acetate and stainless steel in the production of our frames, and opted for materials such as TAC, polycarbonate, nylon or CR39 in the production of our lenses.

You'll find a sizing guide for our sunglasses on each product detail page.

Please remember to use your glasses correctly and always carry them well-protected in a case. Clean them with a soft cloth and do not place them face down on any surface as the lenses may get scratched.

Our K3 and K3s collections have a very similar frame with virtually identical measurements, while the new K3xs models feature a smaller version of the K3s frame. We have created this new line of sport sunglasses for those who prefer a slightly closer, so-called Asian fit, ideal for younger athletes or women.

All of our sport sunglasses feature the same 8-base curve. It is the measure of the lens curvature, in other words how much the lens "adapts" to the shape of the face. The 8-base curve offers the most universal curvature, ideal for most people, and a great eye protection.

The main difference between these lines of sport sunglasses is the shape and design of the lens. The K3 models have a slightly larger lens than the K3s, offering extra protection against wind or impacts. The lens shape in both the K3s and K3xs models gives them a more aggressive and dynamic look. All lenses have the same technical characteristics and additional coatings and treatments to improve their durability.

Please keep in mind that the lenses in each line are different and they cannot be interchangeably used in models that do not belong to the same collection. For instance, the lens from a K3 model will not fit a K3s model.

Some specific models are called KR, K3R, KRs or K3sR. It means that their frames are made of Mersamid® - a 100% recycled, pioneering material, which makes the frame much more flexible and breakage-resistant in case of a fall.

KR or K3R models are compatible with K3 accessories. KRs or K3sR models are compatible with K3s accessories.

If you're using a spare lens with your recycled frame and it feels a little "loose", we recommend putting the lens in place and applying some pressure on the sides of the frame. If the problem persists, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.



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