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Jasper Verkuijl: flying on two wheels

Jasper Verkuijl might not be a professional cyclist but he sure lives his life in the same way he rides his bike: driven by boundless energy and burning passion. Ever since he was 5 years old, the bicycle has been his faithful companion, his window to freedom, his safe haven. Every pedal stroke, every ride means getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and embarking on a journey to a place of tranquility and deep connection with his body and mind.

On his Youtube channel and his Instagram, Jasper proves that cycling brings to his life values that go beyond a simple leisure activity or a means of transportation. It is a language, a unique way of expressing himself and feeling alive. Every wheel spin is a declaration of independence, every slope a test of endurance, and every adventure an unrestrained flight into the unknown. Jasper is a commercial pilot, so he knows a thing or two about flying.

His work allows him to travel the world and then discover it on a bike, collecting stories and experiences that will never cease to amaze us. For him, the true value of these journeys is not the diversity of landscapes or cultures, but the liberating feeling of fulfillment that comes from cycling through uncharted territories.


Jasper organized a camp on the beautiful island of Mallorca to share his passion and adventures, creating a unique opportunity for a group of cycling enthusiasts to spend a few days riding together. We were proud to be part of this experience: a space of fellowship, creating memories, and epic bike rides.

During the camp, after long days of cycling, we would sit down, happily tired and ready to exchange anecdotes. That’s when Jasper would tell us about the meaning of cycling in his life. We could see the qualities that have made him such a vital part of our family, the Siroko Family; qualities that go beyond his passion for the sport, his adventurous spirit, his overflowing generosity and his genuine humanity. For us, he’s a source of true inspiration in the same way as the bike is a door to freedom and discovery for him.

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    Been following Jasper on You Tube for quite a while now, truely inspiring and genuine person.

    Jasper got me into to Siroko brand and I haven’t looked back.

    See ya!

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