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Siroko bib tights for women and men – Shopping Guide

Before finding out about the different features of Siroko’s winter bib tights collection, take a look at our previous post where we answer the most common questions on how to choose the right pair of winter bib tights, and you will quickly realize that this garment is all about comfort and protection against cold, wind and water.

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Both of these qualities can be found to different extents in the three ranges that make up Siroko’s bib tights collection for both women and men:

  • SRX. Much like in the case of our summer cycling apparel, the SRX winter line is the crème de la crème. High quality materials and impeccable design providing the highest levels of thermal insulation, comfort and fit.
  • BX. If you’re looking for great performance in bib tights without breaking the bank, do yourself and your wallet a favor by checking out the BX range of winter bib tights. Warmth and comfort worthy of the top brands on the market.
  • Basic. Fit, protection and comfort. The bare essentials. These are Siroko’s most affordable winter bib tights.

So much for the concept of each line. Perhaps you’ve already figured out that the price of the SRX bib tights is higher compared to the basic line. To justify the price difference let’s look closely at the characteristics of the three lines.



bibtight premium detail 1
  • Three Italian M.I.T.I (Manifattura Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili) fabrics with brushed skin side.
  • Arrowind™ windproof fabric with DWR coating on the lumbar area, hips, waist and front of the thighs and shins.
  • Thermoroubaix® 3.0 fabric with DWR coating on the abdomen, genital and groin area, knees, and the back of the thighs and calves.
  • Thermoroubaix® 3.0 fabric on the panels protecting the gluteus maximus and the back of the crotch.


bibtight regular detail 1
  • Fabric with brushed skin side and windproof membrane on the lumbar area, hips, waist and front of the thighs and shins.
  • Fabric with brushed skin side on the abdomen, genital and groin area, knees, buttocks, and the back of the thighs and calves.


bibtight basic detail 1
  • Fabric with brushed skin side throughout the entire garment from the waist to the ankles.

All fabrics in the three lines feature UPF 50 rating and flat seams.
All styles of Siroko’s men’s and women’s winter bib tights also have elastic ankle cuffs.

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  • SRX – Strato++ Chamois
    • Double density (12 mm in the high-pressure areas and 3 mm in the low-pressure areas) with Elastic Interface® technology.
    • M.I.T.I. (Manifattura Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili) fabric and carbon yarns that make it bacteriostatic and prevent odors. 
    • Suitable for long distances (over 10 hours) in any discipline.
  • BX – Strato+ Chamois
    • Double density with Belgian Recticel technology. 
    • Microsense fabric.
    • Suitable for routes of up to 10 hours on road, mountain or gravel bikes.
  • Basic – Strato Chamois
    • Lightweight and breathable high density foam layer.
    • Soft, quick-dry fabric.  
    • Suitable for up to three hours in any cycling modality.

All these features are the same for men’s and women’s styles. The only difference is the shape and size of the chamois.

woman man



siroko srx pro premier bib tights estudio lifestyle 05
  • Nylon and elastane.
  • 43-45 mm wide to avoid creating pressure points.
  • Highly resistant and strong to keep the bib tights in place.
  • Customized with Siroko logo and SRX initials.
  • Seamless to avoid chafing.


siroko bx trento bib tights estudio lifestyle 05
  • Polyester and elastane.
  • Mesh fabric and sealed edges for firmness and elasticity so that the garment fits properly and does not move.
  • Seamless to avoid chafing.


crop center
  • Polyester and elastane. 
  • The back is similar to the BX. 
  • The front part of the suspenders is made of soft breathable fabric with flat seams.

The only difference between women’s and men’s suspenders is their shape and layout. The suspenders in women’s styles feature straps extending slightly outward to avoid chafing and going right over the breast.


The differences in panel design are marginal. 

The SRX and BX ranges share the shape and number of panels from the waist down. Only the fabric sections joining the tights with the suspenders are different because, as mentioned above, the suspenders are different.

The same applies to the basic range. However, the main difference from the other two lines is that the front of the knees does not feature a separate panel but rather a single panel from the lower thigh to the ankle instead.

Reflective detailing

siroko srx pro premier bib tights estudio lifestyle 03

All styles in the three collections feature reflective detailing on both legs in the calf area. They are placed high enough so that they do not get covered by high overshoes.

The layout is vertical, but the shapes are different: six circles in the SRX, two lines in the BX and a line with oblique cuts in the basic range. 

450 CD/LUX in the SRX series, 330 CD/LUX in BX and Basic.

As we are talking about winter bib tights whose main function is to protect us from the cold, let’s round off the buying guide with the temperature ranges for each line:

SRX – 5-22 °C 

BX – 8-20 °C 

Basic – 8-20 °C

The advantage of the SRX line is that by using higher quality fabrics you get more protection, but also more breathability. Hence the temperature range is wider.

In any case, the final decision depends largely on how temperature-sensitive a cyclist is. Other factors are acclimatization, if you travel to a colder area, and of course your personal tastes, as well as the pace and intensity of your workouts.  

Therefore, before choosing a pair of winter bib tights you should consider the climate in your area and your reaction to hot and cold temperatures. Once all this is assessed, take your body measurements and check the size guide. This way you’ll be sure to choose the right Siroko winter bib tights just for you.

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