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Siroko New Arrivals 2023: Cycling jerseys for men and women

We’re proud to present a fresh, daring and stylish cycling jersey collection. These new styles are a combination of classic, elegant colors and vibrant, innovative designs. And by innovative designs, we mean top-notch technology in terms of breathability and elasticity. We mean high-quality cycling jerseys that offer a snug and… 

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Siroko gravel cycling apparel: Design, comfort and resistance on any terrain

There are several reasons for the rise of gravel cycling in the past few years, starting from technological developments such as disc brakes or tubeless tyres, which allowed comfortable, safe, efficient and versatile gravel bikes to be at any cyclist’s reach. And we should also take the pandemic and the… 

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The best Siroko cycling jerseys for the spring and fall seasons

Getting it right when it comes to cycling clothing is easier in the winter and summer as compared to the spring and fall. During the coldest months, we make sure we’re warmly dressed and well protected from low temperatures, and during the hottest months we’re always thinking about wearing cool… 

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