Cycling clothing

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5 useful and budget-friendly gifts to make any cyclist happy

If you have a family member, friend, partner or colleague who is keen on cycling and you are planning to get them a gift, you are probably wondering what to buy without spending a lot of money. Since every cyclist is different and you can’t just read their mind as… 

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6 cycling accessories and spots on the bike we don’t always clean while we should

A clean, properly oiled bike not only works better, but it looks better too. The same applies to cycling clothes: A clean pair of bib shorts will always be more comfortable to wear and more hygienic than one still dirty with sweat. Plus, it will last longer. In this blog… 


How to choose cycling socks: types, fabrics and features

In order to find the right pair of cycling socks for you, there are 6 key features you must take into account: Thermal insulation Breathability Moisture absorption Compression Comfort Personal preferences In this cycling socks shopping guide, we’ll take a look at all of them: Thermal insulation Most manufacturers offer… 

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