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Join the Sweat Club with #iamsiroko

Summer is here. As the scorching sun hits our hemisphere really hard, we are constantly reminded of the importance of hydration, looking for shade and avoiding direct sun during peak hours.

You don’t have to be a climate scientist to realize that things are getting hotter, too hot. It seems like this merciless summer heat is turning against us, but today we want to show you a different outlook on summer: the one that the members of our Siroko family have shared with us through #iamsiroko.

It’s a version of summer in which roads, trails, gyms, houses, mountains, and streets are full of people doing sports despite the heat, making an effort to work up a sweat. After all, that’s what practicing sports in summer is all about: getting drenched in sweat. And sweat is our ally, no matter how underrated or even despised it might be. But it isn’t there to make your body stick to the car seat or leave stains on your clothes. No, oddly enough, its role is much more noble and selfless.

See, here’s the irony: what seems to be an annoying phenomenon, is actually the silent hero. When we do sports, sweat breaks out. Then, a real miracle happens, as it starts to cool us down, helping us avoid overheating.

Those of you who have shared your summer videos using #iamsiroko are well aware of these benefits. They don’t shy away from sports and are more than happy to work up a sweat. Perspiration is our defender, our little personal air conditioning system built into every pore of our skin. Nature’s own ingenious way of keeping us cool. And now, let us wish you a summer full of sport and… sweat. Don’t forget to share it with the hashtag #iamsiroko and you’ll see that you’re not alone. So go ahead and join the Sweat Club together with millions of people all over the world. Get ready to sweat it off!

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