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Siroko anti-chafing chamois cream: Benefits and usage

If you are not familiar with the concept of a chamois cream, we’re about to reveal one of the best kept secrets among cyclists. Once you try it and see how cool, hydrating and comforting it feels to wear Siroko’s Freeride chamois cream for men and women, you’ll never go back.

What is a chamois cream?

As the name suggests, it is a lubricating ointment that serves as a protective layer between your skin and the chamois in your bib shorts, so as to prevent chafing, saddle sores, discomfort or pain.

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The very first chamois creams ever created were designed to soften the leather cloth used in old models of cycling bib shorts. As this garment and its chamois evolved in time, these creams maintained their name, but became lubricants focused on reducing friction against your skin. This seems like quite a basic role, but anyone who has suffered pain from chafing knows how crucial this cream is to be comfortable and have a good performance during long rides on a saddle.

Why use a chamois cream?

The benefits that come from using this ointment are:

Reducing friction and, consequently, chafing. The main purpose of this cream is to serve as a protective barrier between your skin and the chamois, and the more you ride your bike the sooner you’ll see the benefits. Still, this cream is not marketed only towards long-distance cyclists. Any type of cyclist can benefit from it.

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Preventing saddle sores is also one of the good things about the Siroko Freeride chamois cream. This uncomfortable kind of pain is quite common in cycling, and it’s caused by continued friction and pressure on the skin. The cream serves as a lubricated and hydrated layer that prevents saddle sores.

Made with shea butter and neutral oils among other ingredients, the Siroko anti-chafing cream has hydrating and calming properties, and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. These properties are particularly beneficial for cyclists with dry or delicate skin, and also perfect for high-temperature weather conditions with low levels of humidity.

Moreover, the Siroko Freeride chamois cream prevents fungal and bacterial infections thanks to its formula. This is vital for an area of the body that, due to a concentration of heat and humidity, is quite prone to the propagation of microorganisms.

All in all, this cream improves comfort and allows for more enjoyable outings (especially long-distance ones). It is also a great solution for those cyclists who want to increase the training volume or have just started cycling and need to ease the initial discomfort of sitting on the saddle. And there are many cyclists who, right after experiencing the results of using an anti-chafing chamois cream like Siroko Freeride, regret not having found out about it earlier.

How to use the Siroko Freeride chamois cream?

In order to benefit from this anti-chafing cream and its advantages, it is crucial to know how to properly apply it. There is not much to it, but we’ll give you a few pieces of advice so that you can make the best out of it.

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Hygiene: Before applying the cream, make sure your crotch, inner thighs, and genital area have been properly washed and dried. If you can, take a shower first or freshen up with a wipe to remove any sweat, residue or bacteria on the skin. Your hands should be very clean as well, as you’ll be taking the cream in your fingers and applying it with them. On top of this, both the bib shorts and the chamois should be clean and dry. If you want to know how to properly do this, take a look at this previous blog post on how to take care of your cycling clothing.

Be careful with shaving and hair removal: Given the friction produced around the groin, inner thighs, buttocks and genital area while pedaling, we do not recommend shaving with a razor, as growing hairs can irritate the skin and even promote the appearance of cysts. Here’s a quite detailed blog post with all hair removal methods. Our personal recommendation is to avoid any type of hair removal, especially shaving with a razor.

Use the toilet before the cream, and not after: Listen to your body, and if you feel the need to use the toilet make sure you go before you apply the cream. Once you’re done, always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

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Cream application: Take a generous amount of cream in one or two fingers, and apply it directly on the groin. If you feel like you need to, put some cream around the inner thighs as well. Spread the cream properly, but without actually massaging the area. You should have a uniform layer of cream to serve as protection. If you feel the amount of cream is not enough, use the other hand to apply some more. That way, you avoid bringing any hairs or remains to the container that may have stuck to you during the application.

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This is optional, but you could also apply a bit of cream around the areas of your bib shorts that will be in contact with your inner thighs. If you do this, be careful while putting the clothes on, or the cream will end up on your legs. Don’t spread the cream all over the chamois, as this is a waste of product and can also be a problem if it gets in contact with your anus or the female genitalia.

Once you’re finished, wash your hands again.

Bib shorts: yes. Underwear: NO. Now that you have applied the cream, put on a clean pair of bib shorts immediately. And we have repeatedly warned you on this, but it’s never enough: DO NOT USE UNDERWEAR WITH YOUR BIB SHORTS.

We’re sure that once you try the Siroko Freeride anti-chafing unisex chamois cream, you’ll see that it is an indispensable item in order to enjoy cycling to the fullest. Now, even if the cream soothes any discomfort you might feel on the saddle, remember it’s not a miracle worker. All that we have consistently mentioned and recommended on this blog post, plus a proper bike fitting and a good pair of bib shorts in the correct size with a high-quality chamois, are crucial to prevent chafing and discomfort on the saddle.

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