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Siroko cargo bib shorts: Are they worth it?

Of course they are! What else would we say at Siroko? But bias aside, a good pair of high-quality bib shorts with four pockets, two on the sides and two on the lower back, plus an incredibly comfortable chamois, really is quite a versatile item of clothing for any type of cyclist. These two models, one in black and one in beige, are aimed at cyclists eager to look for new challenges and discover unexplored trails, face all types of terrain and spend many hours on the saddle. They are also aimed at road, mountain, or urban cyclists who would love a good pair of multidisciplinary bib shorts with extra storage options, comfort, functionality and protection.


Just like our SRX bib shorts, the Siroko gravel cargo bib shorts are made of quick-drying, 4-way stretch Italian MITI fabric. This means that not only do they dry fast, but also guarantee superior breathability and unmatched ease of movements.

The laser-cut suspenders have been designed for enhanced comfort, and they are so lightweight that you won’t even feel them on you, while also providing the best support and strength.

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Overall, these bib shorts have a multi-panel cut that combines compression with micro-perforated areas. The UPF 50 keeps you protected from UV rays, allowing you to enjoy long rides under the sun.

The elastic bands on the legs feature anti-slip silicone print to keep the bib shorts in place in all circumstances and terrains.

Our bib shorts feature Terra chamois with Elastic Interface® technology made of groundbreaking EIT ECO Carbonium Flash bacteriostatic fabric. But that’s not all: the Hybrid Cell System mixed-density foam provides comfort even on rides up to 12 hours long.

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Of course, if you’re going to test the chamois thoroughly by riding your bike all day, you’re going to need a lot of extra storage to carry snacks, basic spare parts, your phone, keys, and some money… And this is when the four pockets we mentioned at the beginning come in really handy. These are mesh pockets, located on the sides and the lower back, reinforced with elastic bands to prevent the objects from falling out while keeping you cool and boosting breathability.

As you can see, the Siroko gravel bib shorts are essentially a regular pair of bib shorts but with extra storage, that also provides extra comfort to face off-road trails and long rides. This is why this product is not only great for gravel cycling, but also for road cyclists who are looking for enhanced comfort and/or more storage space to carry their items.

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If you’re looking for a different look, you can wear a pair of relaxed-fit shorts on top of the cargo bib shorts, like these ones in black and brown, paired with our technical t-shirts Cedar and Tushar. This way, you’ll rock a casual and versatile look to both go for a ride and also walk into the supermarket without standing out too much. This look is also comfortable enough to move around the city on your bike. You can cycle to work in the summer while carrying all your essentials, together with an extra t-shirt and underwear so that you can get changed when you get to the office. Once you’re done at work, you just have to put your cycling outfit back on, always keeping in mind that you should never wear underwear under your bib shorts.

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As you can see, a pair of cargo bib shorts goes a long way and doesn’t have to be used exclusively for gravel cycling. We have designed them with this cycling discipline in mind but, in the end, it’s up to you to find the best use for them. We simply love to inspire you and offer top quality products. So go ahead and take a look at our cargo bib shorts in black and beige.

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