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5 useful and budget-friendly gifts to make any cyclist happy

If you have a family member, friend, partner or colleague who is keen on cycling and you are planning to get them a gift, you are probably wondering what to buy without spending a lot of money. Since every cyclist is different and you can’t just read their mind as… 

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How to get the right pressure for your bike tires: a beginner’s guide

No matter if you ride a mountain, road, gravel or urban bike, one of the most common mistakes in cycling is not having the right tire pressure. Sometimes by excess, thinking that with a lot of pressure we will ride faster, or due to a misconception that tires are airtight… 

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How to choose gravel tires

If you have a gravel bike or you are considering buying one, you have probably heard that it is the most versatile bike, a sort of two-wheeled Swiss army knife, suitable for all types of terrain. And it’s true, versatility is its great asset because you can easily ride both… 

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