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Cycling essentials: 15 items every cyclist should take with them

Picture yourself out on a ride, with a huge smile on your face, feeling the wind on your skin, and then… BOOM! You get a flat tire. Now, you’re suddenly stuck somewhere without an inner tube replacement. What if you’re about to pass out from hunger? You have your phone… 

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Customizable cycling shoes from Siroko

Cycling enthusiasts, we are proud to present our road cycling shoes. They are painstakingly designed for passionate and demanding cyclists looking for the perfect balance between style, comfort, performance, and price. Behind our first foray into the world of sports footwear, there are months of research, development, and testing to… 

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Siroko gravel cycling apparel: Design, comfort and resistance on any terrain

There are several reasons for the rise of gravel cycling in the past few years, starting from technological developments such as disc brakes or tubeless tyres, which allowed comfortable, safe, efficient and versatile gravel bikes to be at any cyclist’s reach. And we should also take the pandemic and the… 

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6 investments that will make you a better cyclist

In cycling, as in so many other aspects of life, the basics are always the hardest to achieve, master and maintain. The sacrifice and effort involved in building the foundation is enormous. Especially if you don’t actually enjoy the process. At the same time, we all love “magic formulas”, superfoods… 


Guide to buying bicycle pedals: types, cleats and pros & cons of available options

In a previous post we talked about the advantages of using specific shoes for cycling and explained the different models available on the market. Most of them require the use of specific pedals and that is what we are going to talk about in this article: different types of pedals,… 

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5 useful and budget-friendly gifts to make any cyclist happy

If you have a family member, friend, partner or colleague who is keen on cycling and you are planning to get them a gift, you are probably wondering what to buy without spending a lot of money. Since every cyclist is different and you can’t just read their mind as… 

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