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The Siroko community went above and beyond in 2023, sharing stunning videos on social media via the hashtag #iamsiroko. We knew we had a tribe of amazing athletes but honestly, we didn’t expect to witness and admire so many epic moments even in our wildest dreams. And for that, we want to thank you all.

At Siroko, we have always believed that the spirit of adventure and passion for sport should be celebrated and shared. And you, dear family, have understood and embraced this to the fullest. Your stories about cycling, winter sports, running and other sports have blown us away.

You’ve conquered mountains, traversed snowy slopes and deserts, and shared it with the world using the hashtag #iamsiroko. Your determination, passion and joy are contagious, and we can’t help but get truly inspired by the great moments you’ve experienced.

We follow your adventures and we just can’t get enough of your impressive feats, perfect landings and ability to find challenges around every corner. Many of you have the skills to match the pros, while others stand out for their courage and enthusiasm. You are all part of the Siroko family and, frankly, we couldn’t be prouder.

We want to thank you for sharing your experiences with us during this past year. We hope that the year 2024 will be just as good or even better, and that it will be full of challenges and achievements. We simply want to keep watching your ventures and follow your stories. We hope to share laughs and tears, landscapes and cityscapes, failures and great achievements, but, above all, the passion for life.

Thank you for being an inspiration and showing us the true spirit of sport. Together we are Siroko, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. See you on your next #iamsiroko adventure.

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