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Men’s and women’s bib shorts from Siroko: a buyer’s guide

In one of our previous articles, we have explained how to choose a good pair of cycling bib shorts in general terms, pointing out what to look for when buying such a garment. Today’s guide is going to be more specific. It is focused specifically on Siroko’s cycling bib shorts in order to help all cyclists, male or female, choose a model that meets their needs based on their level and/or budget, but keeping in mind a series of essential elements to ensure an optimal fit and comfort.

There are three ranges of cycling bib shorts available at Siroko:

  • SRX Series. If you are looking for the best performance and the most innovative cycling apparel, this collection features top quality materials and the most exclusive designs.
  • BX Series. The most versatile bib shorts, perfect for any kind of outing, terrain and level of performance. 
  • Basic series. Best value for money. An affordable option with all the features you need in a good pair of bib shorts.

There are obviously many more differences between those three collections. Otherwise, there would be no different price ranges either, so let’s look into them in detail.

Differences between SRX, BX and Basic series

Each of the three ranges uses different chamois, suspenders and fabrics.


  • SRX – double density Strato++ chamois (12 mm in the areas exposed to more pressure and 3 mm lower-pressure areas) with Elastic Interface® technology. The best chamois among all of the series, made of MITI (Manifattura Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili) fabric with carbon yarns that make it bacteriostatic and prevent odors. It is the perfect chamois for long distances (over 10 hours) in any discipline (road, mountain, gravel). The ultimate choice for those who put comfort first and those who spend a lot of time on the saddle.

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  • BX – double density Strato+ chamois made of Belgian Recticel material that provides comfort and support at a reduced size. It is made of Microsense fabric suitable for up to 10-hour outings, making it an excellent choice for mid-level cyclists.

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  • Basic – Strato chamois made with a layer of lightweight, breathable high-density foam and a soft, quick-dry fabric that provides equal comfort in all pressure zones. Suitable for riding any type of bike for up to 3 hours, making it the ideal chamois for those looking for quality and performance at an affordable price.

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  • SRX – Suspenders made of nylon and elastane, firm enough so that the bib shorts stay in place, but without compromising the ease of movement or being overly tight. They are designed for long outings, so they are extremely soft, very breathable, and wide to avoid creating pressure points on the shoulders. At the back, they are joined to the rear panel using flat seams. The panel is made of micro-perforated fabric (nylon and elastane) to wick away sweat and dissipate heat, it forms a curve along the shoulder blades, extends sideways at the height of the kidneys and ends at the lumbar panel.
  • BX – Suspenders made of polyester and elastane mesh fabric for extra elasticity and breathability. The fabric at the edges and in the middle of the suspenders is non-perforated, providing the firmness that keeps the bib shorts in place. They are seamless from the front panel at waist level until the lumbar panel. The central rear part features honeycomb fabric (polyester and elastane) that reinforces the fit without compromising breathability. 

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  • Basic – Suspenders made of polyester and elastane. The rear part is very similar to the BX series except for the fact that they are joined in the middle of the back up to the shoulder blades where they separate towards the shoulders. On the front part, the suspenders feature a horizontal striped pattern made of extra-thin fabric (on the inside, not on the edges) for extra breathability and are attached to a soft fabric (polyester and elastane) of the shorts using flat seams.


  • SRX – Three ultralight premium fabrics and, as in the suspenders, the use of nylon in two of them makes the difference. In the thigh and hip panels, two very important areas in terms of fit and comfort in the quadriceps and buttocks, we have used the Italian MITI fabric known for its superior elasticity. The fabric weight is higher throughout the chamois area and features a greater amount of nylon to increase comfort, providing the necessary support and firmness without compromising breathability. The leg bands are made of polyester and elastane, a soft, non-restrictive 220 GSM fabric, with an inner silicone gripper to keep the bib shorts in place.
  • BX – The chamois area fabric is the same as in the SRX series. However, the panels supporting the quadriceps and buttocks areas are made of polyester and elastane, providing the necessary compression in the waist and hips, and guaranteeing a perfect, comfortable fit during any outing. The inner gripper on the elastic leg bands is the same as in the SRX styles, but the fabric has a different blend of elastane and polyester making them suitable for a wide range of riders and body types. 

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  • Basic – The fabrics in the panels of the bib shorts are the same as in the BX series, while the suspenders feature a different blend of elastane and polyester. However, the main difference compared to the BX range has already been mentioned in the chamois section. 

Similarities between SRX, BX and Basic series

As we have already mentioned, all three lines use different types of chamois. The suspenders and fabrics of the shorts in BX and Basic series share various features, while the crotch panel fabric is identical in all styles. Other similarities are as follows:

  • Flat seams.
  • UPF 50 UV protection.
  • Reflective detailing on the back of the thigh. 450 CD/LUX in the SRX series, 330 CD/LUX in BX and Basic.

That would be all when it comes to the differences and similarities between the three series for both men and women. Obviously, each of them includes different models with different designs, but it does not affect the key features of the bib shorts. It is simply a question of offering various looks so that any cyclist can find a pair of bib shorts to their liking. Stay tuned, we will keep expanding the range of designs and colors in the future.

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Finally, we would like to remind you that Siroko offers bib shorts for women and men, featuring different chamois, suspenders and the shape of the panels, making sure that the bib shorts adapt perfectly to the female or male body shape. If you want to know more about these differences, here is an article with questions and answers on how to choose the right pair of bib shorts for women.

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