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Siroko cycling helmet with MIPS® System

Do you need a helmet to ride a bike? Well, of course! That is unless you have a secret superpower that allows you to fully absorb the impact against the asphalt in case of a fall. We know it might not always be compulsory to wear a helmet, and that it can feel uncomfortable and hot on your head, but this accessory keeps you safe and that makes it an essential item. Every bike should come with a helmet, because just as cyclists fight for the minimum distance between cars and bikes to be respected, we should also wear a helmet – it’s all about safety. Now, seeing as we have no other choice, let’s wear it with style. We should be proud of sporting a helmet, and make sure everyone keeps an eye on us for a good reason.

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Let’s do this, then. I’m sure you’re trying to find a helmet that not only screams “I’m safe”, but also “I look so good!”. We also love to show off and look nice, so we get it. This is why we present our Siroko cycling helmets: the perfect balance between “I don’t want to hurt my head” and “I don’t want to look like an alien”.

We have two different models, black and white. They’re classic and elegant. Let’s take a look at all their features:

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Double-layer polycarbonate shell and expanded polystyrene inner foam. Featuring In-Mold technology that guarantees a perfect connection between both layers. This makes the helmet lighter in weight, and provides greater comfort and better protection for those unfortunate encounters with the ground that we hope you can avoid.

Extra protection thanks to MIPS®, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which means that your head will be even more protected against impacts. This is thanks to the low friction layer that is mounted inside the helmet that helps redirect forces away from the head in the event of a fall.

360º Fit System. This means that the helmet is able to adapt perfectly to the shape of your head. This system gets distributed all around, allowing you to adjust the height at the back through a dial. That way you can achieve a precise fit that can be easily performed either on the move or at standstill.

Removable inner padding. You can easily remove this padding and hand-wash it. This is something any cyclist should do more often, as we have previously tackled in this blog post.

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Lightweight. The helmet weighs only 300 g in a size M, less than a 330 ml soda can.

Air circulation system with perforations that allow the air to regulate the temperature on your head, keeping your thoughts and reflexes clear and fresh at all times. 

Aerodynamics. This helmet is not as aero as other models, but just enough for you to picture yourself riding the Tour de France or simply getting to work a little faster than usual.

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Strap system. It’s comfortable, easily adaptable, fast and solid, with adjustable buckles and a double release closure that allows you to operate it even with thick gloves. We include a soft, padded piece of fabric, which can be removed and placed under the strap to protect the chin if necessary.

Lights installation. To enhance visibility, the helmet allows for mounting of rear lighting. Led lights from Siroko will be available for purchase soon. We love this accessory, because it gives an extra safety push beyond the helmet’s main purpose.

Designed for road cycling. However, you can still use it if you practice MTB or gravel, and even to move around the city. Plus, you can also wear it inside a café and show it off. Some cyclists would disagree and insist you should always take your helmet off to enjoy a cup of coffee, but to each their own.

How to choose the right size for your cycling helmet

The most comfortable option is to use a sewing tape measure, but you can also use a metal one, or a string and a ruler. Stand in front of the mirror and hold one end of the tape measure to your forehead, two fingers above your eyebrows. Then, extend the tape around your head until you go back to the starting point. Look at yourself in the mirror and make sure the tape is sitting straight and above your ears. This measurement is the circumference of your head on its wider area. Check our sizing chart and choose the size that best fits this measurement.

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Take into consideration how thick or long your hair is, or if you usually wear a cap, a headband or winter hat. These affect the measurement of the circumference, so it is advisable to measure your head while wearing what you would usually put on under the helmet.

Helmet fitting

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Here’s some advice on how to properly put your helmet on and adjust it to your head:

  • The straps should stay perfectly lined and not tangled.
  • Put your helmet on and adjust the height on the fitting system to make sure it stays right under the external occipital protuberance.
  • Turn the dial until the helmet is perfectly in place and you can tilt your head forward without it falling off.
  • Adjust the straps using the buckles to make sure they stay as flat as possible, and slightly under the earlobe.
  • Adjust the closure on the chin to the tension on the straps. They shouldn’t feel too tight around you but not too loose either. You should be able to fit one or two fingers, depending on the size of them, in between the straps and your chin.
  • Tuck the excess strap into the protective fabric or rubber retainer. This way, it won’t bother you while cycling. If you feel like you always have to tuck those extra centimeters of strap before every ride, you could cut them with a pair of scissors, and lightly burn the end of the strap with a lighter to stop it from fraying.
  • Last but not least, a proper positioning of the helmet is crucial. An image is worth a thousand words, so take a look at the following reference to have an idea of how to properly wear your helmet:
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If you want to protect your precious brain while keeping your status as a cycling fashion icon, here are Siroko helmets in black and in white. At the end of the day, riding your bike is not just a matter of enjoying the ride and staying in shape, but also doing it safely and in style.

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