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Siroko New Arrivals 2023: Cycling jerseys for men and women

We’re proud to present a fresh, daring and stylish cycling jersey collection. These new styles are a combination of classic, elegant colors and vibrant, innovative designs.

And by innovative designs, we mean top-notch technology in terms of breathability and elasticity. We mean high-quality cycling jerseys that offer a snug and aerodynamic fit, made of lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool on the hottest of days.

So, if you’re ready to ride in style when temperatures rise, look no further: Siroko’s new cycling jerseys are the perfect choice.

New SRX cycling jerseys

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Let’s get started with the SRX Pro Dome for men, a white, long-sleeve cycling jersey ideal for summer weather. It is made of high-quality fabrics that guarantee excellent breathability and moisture regulation to keep you cool and dry. The long sleeves protect you from ultraviolet radiation, preventing sunburn. The snug and aerodynamic fit ensures an optimized performance.

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That’s not all! We have more new designs in this collection: SRX cycling jerseys for women. Here are our four new styles in soft, pale colors: Costa, Lysá, Nébula and Airy.

They are ultralightweight and feature an ergonomic design that adapts perfectly to the female body shape. The breathable, quick-drying fabrics make you feel light and cool in hot summer weather.

New M3 cycling jerseys


In a similar, soft color palette we have the new M3 cycling jerseys for women and for men. Made of micro-perforated fabrics, they’re available in all these fresh, calm colors. They ensure optimal air circulation thanks to their high-end materials and design, keeping you cool and dry.

New M2 cycling jerseys


Among all the new designs you can find in our M2 cycling jersey collection, we want to highlight Roscoff and its sophisticated, minimalist design that gives off an attractive and elegant look. This is a truly versatile choice that can be paired with black bib shorts or these gray ones: BX Fassa and SRX Pro Maxim.

Black is a timeless color that never goes out of style, and so is New Moon for women: an essential, discreetly elegant item. Lightweight, breathable fabrics, micro-perforated back panel and a perfect fit for the female body shape.

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The M2 Aquarelle perfectly combines the classic elegance of the all-black New Moon with a touch of color, sprinkled along the back from the central back pocket and up the sleeves. An original and fun design.

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Blocks for men is a more daring, colorful choice, splashed with geometric shapes and vibrant, eye-catching tones to bring some fresh new energy to your cycling outfit.

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Long-sleeved Eupen has been designed for women who are looking for something different and exceptional. And if you like to wear perfectly matched outfits, this cycling jersey combines beautifully with the Camerig base layer, short-sleeved M2 Tulpen and the BX Veluwe bib shorts.

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And now, here’s some pink for this vibrant season: two short-sleeve cycling jersey designs, Ronda for men and Dalsnibba for women. Dalsnibba combines perfectly with our S1 Pink Agnello socks and Aero Pink cycling mitts.

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Rounding up our M2 new arrivals selection, here are our short and long sleeve designs for men and women, inspired by the colors of the beautiful skies we can enjoy during our rides from sunrise to sunset. For men, short-sleeved Cosmic and long-sleeved Levels. For women, short-sleeved Angles and long-sleeved Madone.

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Fashion is not just a way of expressing yourself in your own style, but also a reminder of the infinite possibilities that every single outing has in store for you. It’s exploring new worlds and embracing the things around you while enjoying your passion for cycling.

All of the new cycling jersey designs we just introduced in this blog post are not the only ones we have for you. If you’d like to take a look at the whole collection, you can find it here for women and here for men. And remember: cycling is not just about speed, resistance and performance, but also about self-expression and fun. Our cycling jerseys are here so you can take this chance to embrace your identity in every ride. That being said, go ahead and choose your new favorite jersey, and let your heart shine through cycling wherever you go.

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