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Siroko SRX long sleeve merino wool jerseys

Merino wool is a wonderful fiber for cycling apparel. Soft, warm, breathable, antibacterial and odor-resistant. All these properties, and others that we have already talked about in this blog post, turn it into a natural alternative for making technical garments such as base layers and cycling socks from Siroko. Now, we are also introducing two styles of long sleeve merino wool jerseys from the SRX collection, our top-notch premium quality line.

The Pro World Race and Pro Exclusive styles, both in shades of black and brown, are designed for winter and transition seasons. They keep you warm when it’s cold and cool you down when you get hot. Here are their key features:


The long sleeve SRX jerseys are made in Portugal using a high-quality fabric that combines merino wool (28%) and polyester (72%). This blend of natural and synthetic fibers allows for great thermoregulation, softness and comfort of merino wool combined with high breathability and quick drying features of polyester.


Just like the rest of the fabrics we use in Siroko apparel, these long sleeve jerseys also offer protection against the sun, in this case UPF 50+.


Flat, inner seams in the entire jersey help avoid chafing and skin irritation.

Fit and design

As we explained before, the M4 long sleeve jerseys are very elastic thanks to the fibers used in them. However, the SRX merino jerseys only offer the elasticity of the knit structure of the fabric. Therefore, if in doubt about the sizing, we recommend that you choose the larger size in this case, especially if you prefer a relaxed fit. If you like tight-fitting garments, then choose the smaller size, but do not forget that you will be wearing a base layer underneath and that smaller size means the jersey gets stretched more, leading to more tension on the fabric. This can reduce your ease of movement on the bike and also the life of the jersey.

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At the moment, there are only men’s styles of SRX merino wool long sleeve jerseys available. However, this does not mean that a woman cannot wear them. If a female rider would like to get one, she should take her body measurements and check the sizing guide to see what size would be right for her. The same should be done by any male cyclist following the recommendations from the previous paragraph.

As usual in our designs, the back panel is slightly longer than the front panel, featuring a drop tail, so that when we get on the bike and lean forward, there is no lack of fabric in the back and no excess in the front. This way the jersey adjusts to our position, offers no wind resistance and protects our lower back. 

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Collar and Bottom

The collar is round, neither too low nor too high, made of the same soft fabric as the rest of the jersey. We’ve also added a zipper garage on the left side creating an extremely comfortable collar that keeps the air and cold out and prevents chafing, snagging or any kind of neck discomfort.

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The jerseys feature an elastic band with an inner silicone gripper at the bottom hem. This element should never be missing in a good jersey to ensure that it fits well, does not ride up, and does not leave gaps through which the wind can enter.


Just like the M4 jerseys, the SRX merino wool styles have straight sleeves that are long enough so that when you get on the bike and stretch your arms, your wrists are not exposed to the cold. 

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The sleeve cuff is wide and tight just enough so that the sleeve does not ride up, but at the same time does not squeeze excessively on the wrists either. It can be easily stretched and placed over the glove.


You don’t change a winning team. Just like our other styles, the SRX merino wool jerseys feature the classic three rear pockets. The central pocket has a larger capacity than the side pockets. In addition, it incorporates a small zippered side entry pouch on the right side, perfect for carrying your house keys, money, or to put away the wrappers of gels and bars.

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On the upper edge of the pockets there is a black reflective binding strip that, in addition to providing visibility on the road, prevents objects from falling out of the pockets. 


Like all other Siroko jerseys and jackets, the SBS semi-automatic zipper means that it does not slide freely unless the pull tab is lifted to a certain point. The rider can choose the position of the zipper according to their needs: more open and unzipped to face a climb looking for more airflow and cooling or closed when facing a descent.

To prevent chafing and snagging on the neck, chest or bib shorts, the zipper features the aforementioned garage and a fabric protection on the inside that also blocks the air inlet and prevents the zipper from jamming when it is pulled up or down.

Reflective detailing

All cycling garments should have reflective detailing, especially those designed for times of the year with fewer daylight hours. SRX merino wool jerseys are ideal for transition seasons and winter, which is why the edge of the pockets have a black reflective strip. 

Care and washing tips

The antibacterial and odor-resistant properties of merino wool allow you to use your garment several times without having to wash it, but everything has its limits. It depends on the amount and type of sweat, but if you do not sweat a lot, it is advisable to wash the garment every 2-3 uses. If possible, wash it by hand and do not wring it out. Do not soak it, do not use bleach or fabric softener.

If you’re using the washing machine, put the jersey in a separate washing bag to avoid snagging and rubbing against other garments or the washing machine drum. Wash at a temperature below 30°C, separate colors, use a short cycle for delicate garments, no bleach or fabric softener, choose delicate laundry detergent and use it in little amounts.

By following these tips, you will extend the life of these soft and comfortable SRX merino wool long sleeve jerseys as well as the rest of your cycling apparel.

2 thoughts on “Siroko SRX long sleeve merino wool jerseys”

  1. Avatar
    Jesus llungueras

    ¿Qué rango de temperaturas son las apropiadas para este producto? Con camiseta térmica interior y sin ella.
    Muchas gracias

    1. Siroko

      Hola Jesus,

      Lo primero, gracias por leer el artículo.

      Respondiendo a tu pregunta, decirte que el rango de temperaturas está entre 8 y 20 °C. Con camiseta térmica de manga larga y merino, puedes usarlo por debajo de 10 grados sin problema. Si sueles pasar frío o vives en una zona donde sopla aire frío, puedes complementarlo con un cortavientos por encima. Sin térmica o con una base layer de rejilla, puedes usarlo por encima de 12 °C más o menos. Depende del ritmo al que salgas a rodar, de la zona donde vivas, del momento del día en el que sueles salir a dar pedales y, sobre todo, de tu sensibilidad al frío y al calor. Nosotros siempre recomendamos que es mejor pasar un poco de calor que pasar frío, pero hay ciclistas que son realmente calurosos para los que ir sobre abrigados es contraproducente.

      Si te sirve como guía, entre nuestros empleados hay ciclistas que están usando este maillot y los M4 este otoño entre 10-15 grados solo con base layer de rejilla y un cortavientos ligero.


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