Siroko Family - Payment and billing system

Finally, we have the payment and billing system ready through the Siroko Family platform


1. You must fill in - if you have not already done so - the billing information of your Siroko Family profile. It is important that you fill them out completely and correctly, thanks to that info we will be able to make the payments. We will noy be able to make the payments on those that are not complete / correct.


2. The request for payments MUST be made between the 1st and 10th of the month following the quota. After those dates, the request will be automatically postpone to the next month, and the payment delayed for a month.



3. Payments will be made between 15 and 30/31 of the same month, as long as there is no problem in the data and receipt of your request / bill. In that case, we will be mailing you about it as soon as we learn about that problem. 



4. The minimum amount to pay is 50 euros. If you do not reach that amount, it will be accumulated along with the amount in the following months. For those who do not invoice, the maximum payment will continue to be € 250 / month. The remaining amount, if any, would accumulate for subsequent months.



5. In the case that you invoice, be sure to complete the tax data that might be applied. 





Within your profiles, you will find a tab called PAYMENTS. Clicking on it you will access the information of the generated benefits.

You have to select the month whose payment you want to request, so it will look like in the picture - so that it would be marked with a tick. Once it is selected - it can be more than one - you must click on the top right on “Generate Payment” - between parenthesis it will be the amount of money you are requesting to be paid. 

A new page will automatically open, with:

Payment through bank transfer/paypal: the detailed and itemized information of the payment that will be made.

Invoice: the invoice generated. In your case, you can change the invoice number within this page, because by default the date of the current month will appear. In this way you can adapt them to your own needs. CAPTURE

Once you have verified that the data is correct - both the amounts and your payment / billing information - you must click on “Payment Request” or “Send Invoice”. Depends on how the payment will be done. 

Automatically an email will be generated with the data of the application, and on the scheduled dates (from 15 to 30/31 of the month) we will take care of making the deposit.

For any questions, please, contact me via email.

It is super easy if you follow this instructions, and once you get to know the system, it will take you less than a minute.

We hope this system makes it easier for you, and so much faster to get your payments done. 

Thank you so much and have an amazing day.
Best regards.