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SRX Whirlwind

Merino wool cycling neck warmer


Get fully equipped

The ultimate accessory for cold and harsh weather conditions. No matter if you're planning to train hard or just go for a short ride - always be fully equipped to make the most out of every moment.

Ready-to-use for all outdoor activities

The Merino wool fiber is one of the finest and thinnest fibers in existence and yet it has an amazing ability to regulate body heat. Through a process called heat absorption, the fabric absorbs moisture and retains heat when temperatures are cold. However, when it is hot, through evaporative cooling the wool releases moisture leaving you feeling fresh. It is precisely for these reasons that this type of wool is one of the most widely used fabrics in the manufacture of technical sports gear.

Respect, quality and sustainability

Our wool comes from New Zealand where the world’s best quality Merino wool producers are found. It is not only a question of offering quality, but also guaranteeing sustainability and animal welfare, as legislation of New Zealand bans mulesing. The origin and quality of our wool is fully certified.